Pawnee County Housing Authority (Nebraska)

The Pawnee County Veterans Affairs Department is a federal agency that provides services to veterans, including Armed Forces veterans and Reserve veterans. The VA also provides housing assistance to veterans who meet the eligibility requirements, as one of the VA programs for at-risk veterans in Pawnee County, Nebraska. Veterans can receive housing benefits through collaborations between local Pawnee County Housing Authorities and the VA, particularly for homeless veterans. The VA also leases land and buildings for veteran housing programs. Veterans can learn more about their eligibility for Pawnee County housing services through a local Veterans Affairs Office or the Veteran Affairs website.

Pawnee County Veterans Service Pawnee NE 625 6th Street, 102 68420 402-852-2777

Veterans of Foreign Wars Pawnee NE 644 F Street 68420 402-852-2931